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About Disability

What is Disability?

The World Health Organization (WHO 1976) draws on a three–fold distinction between impairment, disability and handicap

Impairment - is any loss or abnormality of psychological, physiological or anatomical structure or function.

Disability - is any restriction or lack (resulting from an impairment) of ability to perform an activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being.

Handicap - is a disadvantage, for a given individual, resulting from impairment or a disability, which prevents the fulfilment of a role that is considered normal (depending on age, sex and social and cultural factors) for that individual

Disabilities Are Of Different Verities

As per our center is concerned we correct deformities associated with cerebral palsy and polio pts

And there verities particularly associated to upper and lower extremities

Clinical( physical affection)

Pts of cerebral palsy have following affection

1) All upper and lower extremities

2) Both lower extremities

3) Both upper extremities (rarely)

4) Unilateral or contra lateral extremities

In such pts speech normal or difficult

Mental status

1) Very good IQ

2) Good IQ

3) Normal IQ

4) Very low IQ

Mainly deformities observed in CEREBRAL PALSY PTS

(A)Upper extremities

1) Elbow are flexed

2) Fore arm pronated

3) Wrist flexed to variable extent

4) Fingers are flexed

5) Thumb adducted in to plam

(b)Lower extremities

1) Hip may flexed and adducted and rotated internally

2) Knees are flexed

3) Foot equino varus verities

Mental affection: there is developmental delay observed

Though clincal fetures of polio and other deformatis are not mation here but are currected in our center

Social effect

As the new born child is God’s gift and presented in such a way then parents are disappointed

As there is developmental delay them (mental, speech and locomotors )this a social stigmata for them and tried for various LEVELfor the better future for their child

As economically sound peoples are tried to various level but economically poor are always helpless for same,

Govt. of India Progresive to disabiity mangement

Integrated Research Programmes: There are numerous NGO’s conducting small scale research activities on disability like Monovikas Kendra (West Bengal), Handicapped Development Foundation (Manipur), Mobility India (Uttar Pradesh), Disability India Network (Din), Disability India Information Resources (DIIR). There is a need to identify co-ordinate such organizations and actively involve them in policy formulation, planning, implementation, monitoring in disability in India.

Medicinal management (conservative)

As various drugs management like primidon ,phenytoin ,psepam,phenobarbitone, hyoscine, Diazepam, amphetamine etc and

Butox(Botulinam) – As this drug is used regularly . muscles are get relaxed but mental status of pts is progressively Fall down day by day,&REPETATION OF THIS DRUG IS MUST

So in view of me this drug should never be used AS ATREATMENT FOR CEREBRAL PALSY

Suggestive age for surgical correction

Particularly after 2 year till 45 years more or less should be consider

By veriors our surgical S kill we are able to make them able to walk but regular fallow up and pt are Is must for same